Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, I was always very active and enjoyed exploring the outdoors.  I played basketball and ran track thru high school. As part of my training for sports, I started conditioning to be competitive in athletics and to get through my exhausting daily chores on the farm.

I spent the next 10 years in the beauty business, but knew my competitive fire needed to be stoked.  I wanted back to what I always enjoyed the most, being in shape.  To be fit isn’t just going to a gym, its hiking, walking, and overall active lifestyle. 

Your mind is a powerful tool. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. No matter what your goal is, or what look you strive for, you owe it to yourself to try! I truly believe you can achieve your desire re-losing weight, gaining muscle or just overall improvement in health. I can help you achieve that.

My program is to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle with patience, guidance, and positive reinforcement, but at the same time a butt kicking when needed.  I enjoy changing up workouts and finding new exercises to continuously challenge my clients. My training style is has been influenced by the desire to push myself passed my physical limits, exceeding them, and then push more.