Head Men's Physique Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

Sports and fitness are my passion. It is what defines me. I live it. I love it. I grew up playing organized sports since a young age. As I got closer to the high school age, I focused in a playing baseball and swimming competitively. I was a four year letter winner and captain of both the varsity baseball and swim teams. After high school, I went on to accept a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. I also earned my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I learned a lot from business school and I am very thankful for having that degree, but being in the gym and helping others achieve their fitness goals is what makes me happy. It is where I belong! 

I found my love for fitness through struggle. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer four years ago. Physicians found the cancer in my neck after a car accident. I would through several surgeries and radiation treatment to have it removed, along with having the thyroid gland completely taken out. I have never been so weak and depressed. The only time I felt relief and comfort was when I started to run. It lasted about 10 minutes, but it was where I found comfort! I challenged myself to do my first 5k, and one challenge led to another. I can honestly say that I am the strongest and in the best shape of my life today! 

I am an AFAA certified personal trainer, with 6 years of experience in the gym. I am also a competition prep coach, with clients all over the country. I have trained numerous men and women to become Nationally Qualified in the NPC and coached my first client to earn his IFBB Pro Card in 2016. 

I truly believe that no matter how hard you work in the gym or how many miles you put in outside, you have to have proper nutrition to go with that. This is a lifestyle and I want to teach my clients how to live a balanced, healthy life and feel great when they look in the mirror, but also feel energized and healthy on the inside!