Certified Personal Trainer
Nat'l Bikini Competitor
Contest Prep Coach

Health and fitness have always been a strong part of my life and I have been in the fitness industry since 2009. I grew up in a little lake town in Canada called Kelowna.  As a kid, I pretty much played any sport I could get my hands on, from rugby to basketball, volleyball, track, snowboarding/skiing and wake boarding. I was excited to master it all. I was born with a competitive spirit and that developed into my love of being competitive as an athlete as well. In high school I furthered my focus through competing in organized Maui Thai Kickboxing for three years after high school. 

I have always been an athlete at heart so it has seemed only natural to gravitate into health and fitness. I have always had a passion to help others achieve their highest and best selves, which led me to purse a career in dental hygiene. Shortly after completing my education in Dental Hygiene, I found myself sliding into an unhealthy lifestyle due to the new stressful demands of my career... Over a short period of time I gained a ton of weight which began to weigh on me mentally and physically.  I knew that I needed to kickstart my physical health with a new goal which led me into a new exciting competition world in 2009. I initally started competing in figure and moved into bikini after my move to the United States. My excitement for the sport exploded after winning both my first Bikini competitions and one of my greatest loves of the sport is supporting the other women I am blessed to be involved with backstage.  

Since 2011, I have been grateful to be a sponsored athlete with one of the top nutrition/supplement companies in the industry, Dymatize Nutrition. I recently had the opportunity to shoot for their exciting 2015 ad campaign which is featured in several publications including Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine.

Aside from fitness I have a great passion for art, obtaining top honors and scholarships in Fine Arts and Academics which led me to study Fine Art & Fashion Design. In 2009, I founded a custom competition bikini company that is now known as Glam Girl Swimwear with sales worldwide.
With a strong science background and a focus on overall health and well-being, I began wanting to pursue my love for fitness more in-depth. This led me into competing and wanting to inspire and guide others to reach their health and fitness goals and step into their highest and best selves.
I understand what it takes to juggle a professional life and your health, and the importance in creating time to maintain your own health and well-being. Everyone has their own journey and I hope to be able to have an opportunity to use the knowledge and the passions that I have built on my journey to lead you toward reaching your life and fitness goals!