NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CES
BS In Kinesiology
Contest Prep Coach
Nat'l Mens Physique Competitor

I’m an Arizona native, I was always the small kid in high school.  I started weight training when I was 17, using a personal trainer myself.  To my surprise, I started putting on muscle learning how to eat the right things to promote a healthier physique and feel good about my overall appearance.  I started competing in 2012, won my class and went on to compete at a national level.  I’m an ASU graduate with a BS in Kinesiology.  Seeing the personal changes I saw in myself, I decided that I would love to help someone else in my same situation and from there, I received my NASM cert.  I love helping my clients meet their personal goals, assisting them with their nutrition and proper technique in weight lifting.  I train a variety of clients, whether it’s contest prep, weight loss or they add muscle and tone up.  I’m very passionate about what I do, I love the reactions my clients have with regards to their overall appearance but mostly that they’re changing their lives for an overall healthier lifestyle.